Rate Term Refinance

Refinancing helps you lower your monthly payment and start saving money every month or reduces the term of your loan to help you become mortgage-free faster.

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Benefits of a Rate-Term Refinance with L2H

Lending to Heroes makes refinancing easy! Whether you want to reduce your monthly payment to save money every month or cut the term of your current mortgage, we have you covered!

Save money

lower your payment to save every month

Quick and easy

most rate-term refinances are closed in 30 days

Zero Lender Fees

will save you up to $1,500 off your closing costs

Trusted Experts

Our loan originators will put a custom program together to achieve your goals

We Support Our Community

Lending to Heroes is a proud supporter of various organizations that benefit those who serve including the NJ State PBA and the locals, Port Authority of NJ and NY and the NYPD, hospitals and healthcare organizations, veterans affairs and educational foundations. Our national director has received numerous awards for his outstanding support of American heroes including, the 2015 Valor Award from the NJ State PBA, 2015 Silver Card recipient from Paramus PBA and 2017 Man of the Year from Passaic PBA.

Who We Serve


Areas Served

Lending to Heroes serves clients in New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We proudly support hero organizations across these service areas through fund raising, sponsorship, volunteer hours and support.

  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina

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